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Maj. Norbert Csikány PhD

15 Jun

Maj. Norbert Csikány PhD

Personal Statement
I am a highly qualified expert in intelligence, security and anti-terrorism. I have studied Intelligence,
safety/security and anti/counter-terrorism to a high level in Russia, Hungary, Netherland, UK, US,
South-America and Israel. I have more than 14 years’ experience in the areas of VIP protection/EP/PSD,
intelligence and anti-terrorism and I have more than 25 years’ experience of martial arts, close combat
and self-defence.
I have also worked in Iraq, Afghanistan and Africa. Due to the situation reigning in these countries and
other areas of anti-terrorist operations, I have developed defensive strategies in “Victim and Witness
Protection” and in my speciality of personal protection/celebrity bodyguarding and VIP protection in high
risk areas and danger zones.
I have developed and I prepared International Recognized special education method (TCCS) and
training materials for the police, military and personal protective professionals.
In my specialty teach this method for police & military and special units as well as high quality Bodyguard
and Security people in government and private sector in all around of world.
I am very good at problem solving, decision making and have the ability to develop and implement
effective action plans. I also have demonstrated experience in the coordination of high risk security
projects and protection of high profile personal.

Key Skills
Firearms (pistol, shotgun, rifle/carbine)
Close Protection/PSD/PMC
VIP Protection/Celebrity Escort
Diplomatic Security
Victim and witness protection
Security Driving
Close Combat and Self Defence
Intermediate in English
Fluent in Hungarian (mother tongue)

Professional Qualifications
• Qualified Police Officer
• Certificate First Aid at Work
• Certificate First Aid and CPR – NAUI
• Certificate Emergency Responder
• Certificate Advance Scuba Diver – NAUI
• Certificate International Police and Military SWAT Instructor – NATO
• Certificate Protective Service Specialist (MA 2009) – NATO
• Certificate Special Operations Technician (HM 8492) – NATO
• Certificate Small Arms Marksmanship Instructor (EM 0812) – NATO
• Certificate Explosives Ordnance Disposal Officer (MA 2045) – NATO
• Certificate Building Assault – NATO
• Certificate Hostage Rescue – NATO
• Certificate Armed Encounter – NATO
• Certificate Sniper – NATO
• Certificate Camouflage – NATO
• Certificate Tactical Solving Skill – NATO
• Certificate Reconnaissance – NATO
• Certificate Special Rope Technique – NATO
• Certificate Tactical Reconnaissance and Descending on Rope
• Certificate Instructor of Military, Police Close Combat
• Certificate Instructor of Police Measure Tactics
• Certificate Instructor of Tactical Police Baton – ASP
• Certificate Instructor of Tactical Handcuff and APR – ASP
• Certificate Instructor of Taser
• Certificate Anti-terrorist and VIP Security Driving
• Certificate Surveillance/Counter Surveillance
• Certificate Private Investigation
• Diploma in Bodyguard (level of basic, advance, master) Speciality: VIP/ Celebrity – IBSSA
• Diploma in Bodyguard Speciality: Victim and witness protection – C-NIS
• Diploma in Physical Security and Special Bodyguard/ PSD – ICSI
• Diploma Instructor of VIP Protection and Anti-terrorist Studies
• Diploma in Intelligence officer – ANADIP – Brasil
• Certificate Door Supervision – Edexcel level 2 – SIA
• Certificate CCTV Operator – Edexcel level 2 – SIA
• Certificate Close Protection Operations – Edexcel level 3 – SIA
• Certificate in Professional Trainer (Chartered Institute of Environmental Health)
• Certificate in Education & Training (formerly PTLLS – Edexcel level 3)
• Certificate in Trainer of Conflict Management training – Edexcel level 3 – SIA
• Certificate in Trainer of Physical Intervention training – Edexcel level 3 – SIA
• Certificate in NVQ Assessor – Edexcel level 3 – SIA
• Certificate in Security Management
• Certificate in Private Investigator
• Certificate in MSO Maritime Security Operation – PSA
• Certificate in Ship Security Officer/SSO – IMO
• Certificate in Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities – IMO 1.21
• Certificate in Proficiency in Personal Survival Techniques – IMO 1.19
• Certificate in Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting – IMO 1.20
• Certificate in Crowd Management, Passenger Safety and Crisis management – IMO 1.28
• Certificate in STCW 95 ADVANCE – IMO
• Certificate in Medical Emergency – IMO 1.13
• Diploma in Executive Protection Specialist – USA
• and more

Some Achievements and Associations
Chief Instructor of Police Trainers Federation
Guest Lecturer of Hungarian Police NCO Schools and National Police , – Defence Academy
Inspector and Education Coordinator of International Auxiliary Police Federation
Security Consultant and Instructor National Guard Hungary
Senior teacher in the NOS Security Vocational Training Programs in Hungary
Full teacher qualification of the NOS Security Vocational Training Programs in UK (Security
Officer/guard, Door Supervisor, CCTV, Close Protection Officer)

Invigilator NOS Security Vocational Training Programs in Hungary
Invigilator/Examiner NOS Security Vocational Training Programs in UK
Full NVQ Assessor in UK
Guest Lecturer of National Academy of Intelligence and Counter Intelligence – Federative Republic of
Guest Lecturer of National Institute of Criminology – Spain
Guest Lecturer and Advisor of National Academy of Security and Defence Planning – Romania
Inspector, Advisor – Association Against Organized Crime and Drug Counseling – Romania
Guest Lecturer of International Institute of Security and Safety Sciences – USA
Advisor European Explosive Ordnance Disposal Association – Germany
Security expert and Instructor of the International Bodyguard and Security Services Association (IBSSA)
President of IBSSA UK
President of Hungarian (Alasztics-Szegedi) Martial Arts Federation
Founder and Chef Instructor of Budo Martial Arts School
Advisor and Teacher of International Security Education Centre
Advisor and Teacher of European Training and Education Centre
Security Advisor and Instructor of International Security Education Centre
UK Representative and Teacher of International Budo Academy
Member of International Bodyguard and Security Services Association – IBSSA
Member of International Bodyguard Association – IBA
Member of the British Bodyguard Association – BBA
Member of the International Police Association – IPA
Member of the European Police Association – EPA
Member of International Instructors Association of Uniformed Services – IIAUS
Member of Hungarian Coaching Association and Consultant, guest lecturer at more professional
organizations and I have several Doctor Honoris Causa degree and “Excellence Award” from more
professional institutions and organizations.

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